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Feedback for Beef and Rice
  • This discussion is related to the Beef and Rice game.

    If you want a healthy, but at the same time, savory dish, why not try beef and rice? It has a little bit of Asian influence for that exotic feel, it has meat to make it consistent and rice to complement everything. And it is not that hard to make either. First you have to wash the garlic by rotating the cursor on it. Peel of the carrots and grate them. Cut the beef into pieces and also cut the onions. Put the condiments in the mixing bowl in the right order. You will have to memorize it. The mix them all together: oil, coriander, cumin, barberry, curcuma, black pepper, red pepper and salt. Stew the beef along with the condiments and wash the rice thoroughly. The last step is to boil the rice with the beef. Now you have a wonderful meal that you can enjoy with your entire family. Have fun!