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Feedback for Santa`s Cookie Jar
  • This discussion is related to the Santa`s Cookie Jar game.

    Santa loves nothing more than to make children happy. He can do that on Christmas by dropping off some gifts under the tree, but what about the rest of the winter? He just got an idea that will help him to bring joy! He opens up a candy shop. Here, he will sell candy canes, gingerbread men, chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate. In the upper right part of your screen you will see your goal for each level. With each child that leaves your store content, you will get more closer to your goal. In the right part of the screen you can also see the time bar. You have to reach your goal before you run out of time if you want to win the level. As you progress in the game and it gets colder outside, more kids will approach you and the game will become more challenging. Enjoy!