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Feedback for Supreme Sushi Platter
  • This discussion is related to the Supreme Sushi Platter game.

    Donno about you girls but in my favorite food top the Japanese food goes right after the Chinese one, which is on number one, of course! And my favorite Japanese dish is the supreme sushi platter. There's something about its fresh ingredients, warm and sticky rice, and color that makes sushi so incredibly delicious! This sushi dish can easily cover a mean a day everyday and most of the time I choose a supreme ration for my lunch, but today I'm going to try my best and make one on my own. Well on my own but with your help =). Check out the wide variety of ingredients available at your disposal in the 'Supreme Sushi Platter' game and feel free to pick everything you want to put together that yummy sushi platter! Enjoy it girls!