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Feedback for Baby's First Cake
  • This discussion is related to the Baby's First Cake game.

    In the first year of life, a baby probably is not aware of his birthday. And eating cake at that age is not really an option. But he can enjoy it and will surely admire it in photos when he grows up. As a baker, you should make this baby the best first cake a baby can have. Start by choosing the color of the basis. You can even have two colors if you want to. Then add some fun prints on the side, that will give the cake some texture. Then ornate with some frosting on the sides, creating wonderful pieces of design. A the very basis of the cake, add some fresh fruits or some cute animated decorations. Then choose the figurine on top, which will be the star of your cake. You can add an original candle right next to it. The baby is so happy to see his first cake! Have fun!