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Feedback for Frankie In 13 Wishes
  • This discussion is related to the Frankie In 13 Wishes game.

    Frankie Stein is going to an amazing Moroccan themed party where she has to dress up appropriately. Help her decide on a magical look that fits. You can start with her hairstyle and decide what to do with her gorgeous long hair. You can even dye it, or at least put in some colorful highlights. You can dress her up in dresses with storm prints and glittery parts on the bottom, clothes with transparent skirts over Moroccan pants or just inspired by this exotic style. You can even mix and match some great shirts and tops with striped pants and short skirts. Frankie loves high heels and wedges, so help her get some height. Accessorize with a beautiful magical cape, a golden headband and her usual earrings and handbag. Have an incredible time playing this fun game!