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Dora`s Puppy Adventure

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Dora's dog, Perrito, needs help saving his puppy pals. Collect bones for Perrito--yum!--and find the four keys to the cage and set those puppies free!

How To Play

Your child will adore this game, as he gets to play puppy rescuer. Use the mouse to move Perrito along and click when he should jump to grab tasty bones, jump to a higher place, or get a key. He rides down slides and jumps on moving platforms all in the name of saving his fellow pups (and gathering bones). This game has four levels. Note for Mac laptop users: The directions instruct you to click the left part of the mouse to make Perrito jump; you can just click your track pad and he will jump.

Parent Tip: Level 3 gets a little tricky when Perrito has to jump on springs to move to higher levels. Your animal rescuer might need some help with this part.

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